There are people that come into your life who change it for the better. They’re not always what society would define as “good” necessarily, but once they’re around, life without them is unbearable. I am so lucky to have so many people like that in my life—most of them Gaeilgeoirí, which I suppose isn’t at all surprising.

Leaving Madison feels like leaving Carraroe all over again—like I’m leaving some of the only people in the world who truly understand me, and some of the best friends I could ever want. 

It says a lot about my relationship with Bryce that we just spent three days in each other’s constant company and were still really upset to part again. That doesn’t happen often.

The Next Six Weeks:

21-23 February- Los Altos with my family

27 February-3 March- Madison, Wisconsin to see Bryce

13-16 March- Los Angeles for the 26th Annual California Celtic Colloquium

20-31 March- Calgary, Alberta, Canada, trip to see my boss

2-9 April- New York City for TEG exam and to see Brian

San Francisco boats

So, school has been back in for a month. So far, I’m really happy, this semester has been going really well, in a lot of ways. My thesis is mostly coming together (I should actually be working on that right now), and my classes are quite fun. Old Irish is actually really helping my understanding of Modern Irish, and I started tutoring last week, which was fun. I’m getting the hang of this whole thing, finally.

I still miss Ireland though. Maybe more accurately, I miss the people I was with there. I’m still in almost constant contact with a few of them, but it’s still really hard. I found some of the best people I’ve ever known there.

As of about an hour ago, it’s a month since leaving Galway. 

In some ways it feels like that whole trip was just a dream, in others, it was one of the few times I’ve been truly alive 

I did eventually make it to Tucson!

So, that’s good. Apparently I crashed around 9:30 last night, which was completely understandable considering how many hours I’d spent in the airport

And we’re going to sushi with Meli and Ali tonight, so even more exciting!

Flight out of LA has been delayed 20 minutes

Dear people in the room above me:

While I realize that it is your right to have  a good time on your Saturday night, do please remember that you are in a hotel that primarily caters to people who are either just getting off flights or will be shortly be getting on them and would actually like to sleep and do not appreciate having what sounds like a herd of rutting elephants storming around over their heads. If I were a more actively vindictive person and didn’t think the people on either side of you are probably quite relieved to have semblance of quiet, I would take actions to make sure your sleep schedule was similarly disturbed.

Fuck you, and everyone like you.

Kind regards,


And my flight from London is delayed to the point that I have no chance to get my connection

Updates to come as I know what’s going on

I have no idea how I managed to get my suitcase closed. I’m not sure how I’m going to go about getting it open to change at Amy’s but, we’ll cross that bridge when it becomes relevant